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Travel the world with your technology accessories all in one place.

One of the most fabulous features of my watchbands is that they are light and so easily interchangeable. So when I travel, I always have a good selection of bands to wear.  A band for the pool, band for the evening attire, band for city walks, band for rugged hikes, band for happy hour, band for beach walk - Who wears just one band anyway?


I love this technology zipper pouch for my watch bands - 


Must be light for carryon - check
Must not take up much space - check
Holds my watch charger - check
Holds my power cords - check
Holds lap top cable - check
Holds ear pods - check
Holds lip balm and mirror -  check check
Holds a whole bunch of bands - check and double check

Comes in Rose, Chambray Blue, and steel Grey


Contents not included - You are purhasing the case only.

Watch Band Storage Organizer Traveler

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