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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Apple Watch band - A tribute to.....

The Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)


A tribute "band" to a woman who stood up for so many.  She ROCKs and she has rocked our world. 


Because of Ruth Bader Ginsburg....


We are a woman owned and women run business...


We, and our daughters and their daughters are able to secure a mortgage without a mans signature...


Since 1974 women are able to secure their own bank account & credit in their own names...

Beautifully texture high quality black elastic band for Apple watch, Fitbit  Versa 1/2/Lite, Samsung Galaxy Active/2/3 


RBG signature lace collar on one side studded with crystal - Each collar she wore represented her position in a case and when Ruth wore the "dissent" collar, the whole world tuned in.



Women have a voice and we're able to fight for what is important to us - because women are now in places where decisions are being made.


Forever grateful for all you've done for gender equality.


My newest design is a tribute to you, RBG  ~


You are my hero. In your honor, I was inspired to create this tribute band that women can wear to remind them of their power, their voice and their ability to be the change in our world.

RBG Tribute Band Apple watch band - SPECIAL for a limited time only

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