Designer classics in a Bow Band


This is a ruched pillow band - EXTRA wide and comfy -

Hot little band sold out in less than 10 days.  


NEW for those with small wrists  - you can now have all the letters as well as the logo on your wrist.


Adjustable band - Fits wrists measured at 5" - 8".


Apple Watch Series 1 2 3 4  both sizes


Apple /Fitbit devices not lincluded


Please leave a note if your wrist is less than 5.5" or more than 7.5" - We'll make sure the tails are cut appropriately.


Elastic Apple Watch Band Adjustable

  • Please take the time to measure properly: 


    Wrap a thin, non stretch string (we recommend dental floss) around your wrist.  Where the ends meet precisely mark or cut the string. Make sure there's no gap, slack, nor overlap and not so tight it makes an indent.  Then lay that string on a reliable ruler - this is your wrist measurement.


    Soft cloth sewing tapes or soft plastic measuring tapes have been incorrect by up to 2 sizes.  Every .25" is an entire size in these bands.


    Bands are eligible for resizing up to 30 days from ship date. The fee is - $8 for basic bands $20 for handstitched bands, decorative rivet bands and leather bands - plus shipping both ways.


    No refund/return - these bands are hand made to order one at a time. Your band and watch combination cannot be resold and we don't keep premade inventory in stock. When we resize, we have to use all new materials and labor to do so. That is what the resizing fee covers.