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Apple watch band, Fitbit Versa's and Samsung Galaxy bands - Premium leather


Double Gilded Mink metallic Italian Nubuck on distressed indigo 


This combo leather is gorgeous! Your Apple watch never looked so good.

This leather is simply luxurious and unique. It feels incredibly soft. Butter Bands.

Sized perfectly for you and closes in 2-3 firm snaps (depending on wrist size)

This band looks best with antiqued gold snaps on black or gold adapters. 


Hand crafted with upcycled leathers from my favorite American purse designer - tailor made and sized to order. Made from scrap leather that may have been thrown out otherwise.  I've found a new purpose for them and now our watchbands go with our purses!


Follow measuring instructions carefully before ordering - There is a resizing fee on this band and due to the limited nature of the material, there's no guarantee the leather from the same hide will be available.



Apple Watch 42,44mm and 38,40mm Series 1 2 3 4 5 6

Fitbit Versa 1/2/Lite  choose black adapters

Samsung Active or Galaxy 3 (for 20mm pins and 22mm pins)





Apple device not included



CoApple Leather Watch Band Hand Made with Premium leather

  • Take a thin piece of string or dental floss.  Wrap it around your wrist one time.  Where the end meet precisely, cut or mark the string.  Then lay the string on a reliable ruler - this is your true wrist size and this is the measurement you will need to select.  Since these bands are custom made to order, there are no returns.  Apple watch device is not included. 

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